I am a frequent user of the old clip in hair extensions however, I was recently introduced to a new type of hair extension technique called the “Tape Hair Extensions”, with a promise that it looks and feels much more natural than clip in hair extensions.

I was so excited by this idea that I immediately decided to purchase some.

I thought it would be great if I could should share my experience of using ‘tape ins’ with you however, before I go any further, let us first explore exactly what tape hair extensions are and how to apply them.

Tape Hair Extensions are one of the later techniques added to the hair extensions market. They are a temporary solution for hair extensions and normally last for between 4 – 6 weeks, if looked after properly.

They can be used for adding volume and length or for adding highlights to the hair.

The wefts are self-adhesive and the braids are attached overlapping each other.

Okay  great, so how do you attach them? Well..

1.Before attaching the hair extension to your hair, make sure that your natural hair is washed, clean and oil free.

2.You also need to ensure that your natural hair is completely dry before attaching the wefts, as they will struggle to attach themselves to wet hair.

3.Start by taking a small section of the hair in the area in which you wish to attach the weft.

Parting hair to insert hair extensions

4.In my opinion, this section should be about 1cm wide and about 2mm thick. (Or about the thickness of the single weft hair extension).

5.Remove the protective strip from the adhesive tape.

Removing protective adhesive strips from tape weft

6.Position the braid with the adhesive strip facing upward, under the parted section of the natural hair and press the natural  on the adhesive strip.

Inserting the tape weft to the under part of the hair

Laying the tape weft on top part of hair

7.Place the second weft with the adhesive strip facing downward on top of the natural hair, creating a sandwich effect.


The natural hair sandwiched between the top and bottom tape wefts

8.Press down lightly until the hair is fully stuck together and give a slight tug to make sure that it is held tightly in place.

9.Make sure that all of the parted section of the natural hair is in between the tape sandwich and that none of the hair is caught on the corners of the tape weft, as it could prevent the hair from sticking together.

10.You can also warm up the attachments by using a hairdryer and then allow the attachments to cool.

11.Brush the hair back into its natural shape and the weft should sit flat against the head.


Finished look of tape weft hair

Removing your Tape In Hair Extensions:

You can remove the extensions by applying dissolvent along the line of the weft.  This should loosen the tape and it can be gently pulled away.

Repeat the process on the bottom section of the tape weft.

Use a piece of napkin or cotton wool to protect yourself from any spillage.

So what, in my opinion, are the main advantages and disadvantages of using tape hair extensions:

 Main advantages:

1. Quick way to add length and volume to your hair.

2. Very natural looking with no humps and bumps and lays flat against your head.

3. Longer lasting and can be reused by reapplying new tape to the weft.

4. Reasonably priced and affordable.

5. Can be more effective if looking to add highlights to the hair, as the tape can be cut into smaller pieces and spread evenly throughout the hair, as desired.

Main Disadvantages

1. Cannot easily be inserted by oneself and it is recommended that you ask a professional to fit them in for you which means higher cost of purchase and higher cost of maintenance.

2. Cannot be added in and taken out daily, as is the case with clip in hair extensions.

3. Could cause some pulling and snapping of the natural hair, as the hair is attached to the natural hair for a longer period of time.

4. The shininess of the tape can sometime be seen through the natural hair, so careful consideration must be taken when deciding where to place the wefts.

5. Once the tape hair expired, the hair can be reused if the tape is replaced, which means additional spending.

Even though Tape Hair Extension are a fantastic and innovative technique, like every other method of hair extensions, they have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Personally, I think it’s up to the individual to decide what they feel most happy and comfortable with.

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